joke, nat and thuy's bday

  22 October 2007

a gigantic happy birthday to joke, nat and thuy!

dinner was at casa di nico in kings st wharf and apart from the colour scheme looked eerily the same as the layout at nicks restaurant with the same harried waiters whooshing past even hitting joke on the head hmpf

my margherita pizza ($21) came with the barest of slivers of basil; the cherry tomatos tasted as if they had just been thrown on top as a garnish; there were maybe 10 flakes of parmigiano reggiano and for the life of me i could not find the bocconcini RAH!

john, karen, stan, me, amie. random: come join us in malaysia!

me, amie, joke. random: why does the octopus taste like tuna?

joke, me, thuy. random: theyre racing us! quick run!

me and audz. sober.

me and audz. happy! random: a tequilla shot? sure!

nutrition buds!

joke and me. random: dude i was trying to thank you subliminally

da girls!

at star city haha my cameras self timer is crappy!

passionpop is evil

nat tipsily attempting to pour shots

audz hehe wink

nat and me at 4am last ones to stay away! hehe happy bday guys!

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