26 October 2007

Tiramisu is my most favourite dessert in the world! if i ever see it on the menu at restaurants i never hesitate to order it so i can gleefully shove spoonfuls of creamy coffee squishy cake into my soul hungry stomach mmm hungry ANYWAYS ive never thought of actually making a tiramisu from scratch theres always been a niggling idea that there was some secret ingredient and after a quick google search i found a crapload of recipes using uncooked eggs and im not a big fan of uncooked eggs so i knocked up a basic recipe and tadah!

a funny story about the liquer i used- tia maria so i wanted a mini bottle of tia maria and went into a bottle shop with the mothership and i explained to the owner dude that i onli needed 4 tablespoons of tia maria to make a cake and he goes “here take this bottle, use what you need and when youre done bring back the bottle and save a slice of cake for me” BWAHAHAHA how nice was he?!? in complete faith he let me run off with a giant bottle of tia maria!!! aw he’ll get a giant slice of cake from me!

hehe my cream to cake ratio is awesome hoho i love my cream

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