6 sleeps to xmas

  19 December 2007

and in a flash there is less than a week to xmas… there have been bdays, farewell dinners and xmas parties galore starting with:

shirley’s bday at zenya noodle bar at eastwood where there was noodles aplenty and bento boxes filled with nummy tidbits and sadly no wagyu on the menu

audz is leaving arnotts and going overseas but thankfully coming back soon how i shall miss you!

steak sammich from hillside hotel was badly burnt and not very tasty but its the people that count right?

their awesome napkin

there have been drinkies at lowenbrau

and whats a trip to lowenbrau without their fabulous pork knuckle mmm crispy crackling

and lastly my 2 fav adults surprised us by getting married at their bday bash on the weekend aww congrats you guys!

their bday theme was the letter ‘a’ so we’re team arsenal lol i was a tad lazy taking fotos of ppl dressed up but there was an awesome apostle, atlas, abalone and of course angels floating around

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