thanks to all restaurants

  24 December 2007

One of the things me and noods like to do every year around xmas is to give all our local restaurants a lil gift to say thank you for all their time, effort and service we receive everytime we dine at their restaurant. It’s hard work running a restaurant, you need a lot of passion and drive to run and work in a restaurant. So thank you:

Euro Lounge, Trevi, Arthur’s, Iso Lounge, Blake’s (Castle Hill), Daniel’s (Norwest), Belmonte’s (Baulkham Hills)

Our local restaurants have come to know our quirky ways and are always friendly, helpful and never raise an eyebrow when we rock up in tshirts and jeans hehe we’ve never had anyone make us feel bad in ordering an entree to share, we’re known as ‘that couple who takes photos’, but best of all we are regulars who do not expect anything extra. So the next time you’re at your local having a meal do take the time to thank your waiter for it will make everyone feel like a job well done. Cheers!

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