malaysia part 1

  15 September 2008

malaysia… a place i will never get sick of… the only thing better than their cheap food is their cheap clothes… mmm

at the sydney airport the foodcourt is quite depressing because theyre renovating so theyve boarded up all the windows. managed to spot a friendly face (hihi tammy) before stocking up at the newsagent for candy while noods decides to go take a look at the kids play area…

flights with jetstar are usually pretty cheap mainly because you have to pay heaps for the extra stuff like blankets! the ‘comfort me’ package costs a whopping $7 and you get a super duper THIN blanket, an INFLATABLE pillow, eye mask and bright orange ear plugs that look like they came from a bunnings hardware store…

surprisingly the food was actually decent! i preordered the ‘feed me’ package ($25) which got me a main meal plus drink and a light meal plus drink later on. you dont actually save money preordering the package but it ensures you get food cos ive heard of people at the back of the plane dont have much to choose from when the trolley makes it to their end. i got a pretty tasty ricotta ravioli with bolognese sauce, a not so tasty salad, a bread roll and a dove chocolate bar plus coke

noods said he might preorder his food next time because it was such a hassle scraping together random aussie dollars cos he’d already changed his money into malaysian ringgit. but he liked his food too- thai chicken curry with rice and veggies, the salad, bread and a chocolate bar ($15) plus beer ($7)

i also got the ‘entertain me’ package ($10) which came with a portable video unit and reusable headsets. sadly the movie selection was not realli up my alley i remember fast forwarding thru nims island and there was only 1 ep of house and law and order loaded in but hey it passed the time

my pre-ordered snack was a meat pie plus tomato salsa, weiss mango icecream bar and a can of softdrink. noods bought a ham and cheese sandwich ($6) and a beer ($7)

so pretty =D sadly jetstar dont do direct flights from sydney to KL anymore and for our flight back we had to go from singapore to darwin with a 2hr transit at 4am before heading to sydney and it was pretty much hell hmpf but hey more on that later!

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