malaysia part 3

  23 September 2008

a new type of spa has been popping up all over the place in malaysia and not the type where they give you massages…

we nearly walked right past this shop until we saw the ‘little’ shark in the display cabinet and after standing there watching him swim around a smiley lady gave me a brochure and at first i just gave it a glance but then i saw that this shop had what looked like a mini pool inside:

and tiny little fish were swimming around and then we found out these were SPECIAL fish because they EAT the dead skin off your feet! hurhur and for only RM36 (AU$12) for half an hour you stick your legs in the pool and let the fish nibble away! noods wasnt game enough to try so i shoved him my camera and decided to give it a go

now i know this is a food blog and some of you may not want to see fish attacking my feet so ive posted the rest of the pics here

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