17 November 2008

less thank 24hrs after i wrote this post about how the mothership asked for the mother energy drink, the fabulous darcie from zing told me shed send me some cans in the mail

6 cans of awesomeness! ‘new! completely reformulated!’ the can exclaims. and it is. the old mother tasted shockingly horrible but the new mother tastes like a cross between red bull and v mmm citrusy! the can is a tad on the large size with the back of the can reading: “best drunk freeze your nuts off cold” and “our lame legal guys made us warn you not to feed this to kids, up the duff women or the weak who just cant tolerate it” lol one can of mother is pretty much double the size of all the other energy drinks on the market

4 days later and something else arrives on my doorstep…

more babies! a whole slab of babies!

mmm ill show you some lovin’

and a nod to mooiness who is another mother lover heh thanks again darcie!

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