terrigal '08 part 1

  25 August 2009

(I’m writing properly for this week only Butch!) So yeah. The boy and i like to make short weekend trips to Terrigal and uh this post kinda took place sometime last year. Yup i’m super backlogged in posts and I realise half the photos aren’t technically food photos but hey this is MY blog and the only way i can remember things is if i write about it. Anyways. Look cars! This is the traffic on the F3.

Always need snacks for the car ride. Macarons from Zumbo. Last seasons range.

And we bring heaps of munchies so we don’t have to leave the beach.

Probably too much munchies.

Sadly it was raining by the time we reached Terrigal so we grabbed fish and chips from the shop at the bottom of the Skillion and ate in the car.

Mmm deep fried goodness. Battered fishies, potato scallops, crab claws and chips. Unfortunately no pineapple fritters. Or fried mars bars heh

The Skillion is this giant hill that has awesome views and for some reason we are always compelled to climb up and whinge the whole way

Several minutes later and the view from the top.

Hurrah self timer!

After running down the Skillion and around the beach for a bit it’s time for dinner at the Cowrie (109 Scenic Highway, Terrigal)

The awesome view. Now, i didn’t take a photo of the menu and obviously the menu has changed since last year and because my memory is super duper awesome i have a bit of a problem with remembering what we ate. It was a degustation menu and was $110 and the service was pretty good except towards the end of the night when they got slammed and there weren’t enough waiters around. But as far as i can remember the food was good but hey onto the photos!

Mmm drinkies. Maybe this is why i can’t remember what we ate hmm

Amuse bouche. Roasted capsicum on brioche with a balsamic vinegar dressing

Tuna tartare with beans and microherbs. Loved this. That much i remember.

Kingfish with an olive tapenade. Perfectly cooked kingfish that flaked with a jab of the fork. Though i wasn’t a big fan of the olive tapenade as it kinda overpowered the fish.

Pork belly with chat potatoes and fried scallion. It seems pork belly is everywhere. I’m definitely not complaining though if the pork is done anywhere near as good as the Cowrie’s! Super tender and juicy pork with a gorgeous crackling that shattered with every bite. And cubes of potato! I do like my carbs

Palate cleanser. Grapefruit sorbet that was super refreshing and tasty that i wished i could get a whole bowl of it to eat.

Steak on a bed of mashed potato. ZOMG the steak was freaking fantastic! Dare i say the best steak that is non wagyu that i’ve ever eaten? Anyone that has eaten with me will know that i’m usually a very small savoury eater but i cleaned up this whole plate with no problem. And the mash! Oh the buttery goodness! Be still my artery clogged heart!

Vanilla creme brulee with a ginger cookie. Loved the creme brulee with its sugary crust and smooth creamy custardy innards but the ginger cookie blew my mind seriously it was fanfreakingtastic with a super intense ginger flavour

Cheese! Fail memory means all i can say is that it was a brie…


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