chocolatesuze tattoo

  29 March 2010

So. For those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, i got a tattoo about a month ago. i’ve actually been wanting one for a while now but couldn’t decide on a design and was randomly talking to my bro’s gf about tattoos and somehow we decided to get one together that weekend. Originally i was just gonna get Chocolatesuze in one line but because i wanted it on my shoulder blade it wouldn’t have fit so i made it 2 words and since a lollipop was too tall i got a cupcake instead. With pink icing and a cherry on top 😀 We went to The Illustrated Man (228a Elizabeth St, Sydney- near Central station) and after showing the dudes a print out of our designs we were quoted a price- mine was $150 mainly because it was pretty big and the text had shading. It took about an hour and yes it freaking hurt! i have a low threshold of pain haha the outline was bearable but when he shaded everything in i was clutching the pillow pretty hard i tells ya! Anywhos im officially branded lol and normal posting will resume shortly!

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