ChocolateSuze & Noods’ Lollipop Wedding Part 1

  1 April 2010

Ready for a whole load of wedding photos? Here we go! Considering Noods and I had been engaged for about 2 years you would think we would be able to spread out the wedding planning. But after booking the ceremony and reception venue early we kinda left everything else till 1 month prior to the set date. Um. Being super laid back doesn’t quite work when you are planning a wedding for more than 175 people!

Our photos were taken by the awesome Trish (and Joel) from Tealilyphotography and all photos in my next few posts will be from them unless otherwise credited. Noods and I had based the date of our wedding around when Trish would be free because we knew we just had to have them for our photographers! Have a look at her portfolio she is super talented and she loves what she does which always shines through in her photos. We also chose February over September because I didn’t want to be cold and knew we would both be busy with work at that time of year.

I deliberately chose to have our wedding in the afternoon because I knew I didn’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn to do hair and makeup haha I value my sleep! Hair and makeup was done at Lattouf Hair Spa (Shop 4034, Level 4 Westfield Parramatta) for myself and my 2 bridesmaids ($460). The staff are super lovely and actually listened to what I wanted and tried different hairstyles until I was happy. I had done a hair and makeup trial at another place which I refuse to name as it was cheap but quickly realised cheap=nasty haha so yeah Lattouf was recommended by a friend and their gallery of photos was reassuring. We were greeted with a bottle of champagne which was a nice touch and got the morning kick started with a bang!

You can’t see me but I’m sneakily drinking my champers while the lady takes our pic hehe also, meet my bridesmaids! Lols hihi Shez and my maid of honour, Helen!

In need of lunch that wouldn’t kill our makeup we opted for nuggets. Funnily enough Noods and his groomsmen ate nuggets for their lunch too. And a box of cookies.

After deciding that we would go all out with a candy theme for our wedding i decided to not have any fresh flowers and instead ordered different sized lollipops for the bouquets for the girls, boutonnieres for the guys (pins from Riot! $8, superglue $2), extra ones for table decorations at wedding and some super ginormous ones to put in pots for decoration down the aisle. Certain candy stores were charging such exorbitant prices on lollipops that I ordered the lollipops straight from manufacturer Walker’s Candy in Perth as the bulk prices and shipping would cost me less than buying from the store. I posted about them here where I bought 178 lollipops ($618.20 incl shipping) and they actually found the post and sent me over another box of lollipops for free woohoo sweeeet 😀 I was worried lollipops might melt so i bought some spray lacquer (Krylon spray crystal clear glaze $32.95 from Eckersley’s)

While waiting for the lacquer to dry why not check Twitter

Hello mother! After getting her hair and makeup done my mum arrives first at my house to help me with my dress. I bought my dress from Brides In Love (30 Toohey Rd, Wetherill Park) off the rack for $600. Alterations were another $175 and I got a free veil and handbag thrown in the deal. After visiting every single bridal dress store in Wetherill Park I was feeling discouraged because dresses were so expensive and I couldn’t find one that I super liked. Jana took one look at me and straight away picked this dress and I was over the moon with happiness haha while it helps to have some idea of what kind of dress you want sometimes the dress you think would look good on you doesn’t actually suit you so it helps to get an opinion and to try dresses in other styles and colour. And yes there is a difference between pearl, cream and ivory haha

Attempting to wedge veil into my hair. Our colour scheme was rainbow so the bridesmaids dresses are purple and green (Myer, $180 reduced to $95) and groomsmen had red and blue ties

Tying ribbon (Reject shop $4.95/10m roll) to ends of lollipop sticks to make it easier to hold. Looked pretty in the morning but after clutching at it all day the ribbon was all scrunched up. Side note: to anyone else try maybe using a cloth or satin ribbon instead of the plastic-y type.

Hello father! My dad arrives to take us to the ceremony in his shiny car but first a shot of him helping me put on my necklace (Thomas Sabo, $105 for gummy bear pendant, chain and pendant holder), earrings are white gold hoops from my new mother in law Mrs Wong, and lols notice the Snoopy on my dad’s watch?

Hoho my sneakers! I bought a pair of white sneakers from Kmart ($15) and the awesome Mikey customised them for me. I didn’t want to chance falling over in heels and sneakers have always stuck in my mind since the first time I ever watched Father of the Bride heh heh

Couldn’t decide if I should change the laces to white but decided I wanted some colour. Pink is awesome.

Meanwhile the boys are at Pullman’s Hotel (Olympic Boulevard , Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay) getting ready- we scored the suite as a bonus gift from our dinner reception. The boys had hired suits from Spurling Parramatta (1/85-93 Victoria Rd, Parramatta), $648 for the 3 of them. I had gone with them when they tried on the suits and oh boy was it painful! It’s like minding a 10 year old who can’t stop fidgeting and walking around!

Adjusting the lollipop boutonniere.

Oh dear. Such posers hehe

Mmm nommy

Groomsmen guarding groom guarding lollipop.

The boys had arrived early at Eryldene Historic House and Garden (17 McIntosh St, Gordon) to set up the chairs and organise the decorations

(Photo from Connie) Lollipop garden all set! Giant lollipops were placed in a pipe which my dad had cemented into a pot and placed in a shiny box to line the aisle

Blue steel!

Haha I can see Noods standing unhappily in Josh’s sunnies lol it was really really hot that day. But we weren’t about to complain because if it had rained we would have had to hire a marquee which would be $$$! We had waited all year for the week’s forecast and luckily it was perfect weather. Uh a little hot. But perfect.

Hai Will. Like the groomsmen’s 8-bit ties? I bought them from Think Geek, US$14.99

We arrive and hide behind a hedge to spy on the guests before the ceremony starts…

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