ChocolateSuze & Noods’ Tea Ceremony

  11 April 2010

After taking photos at the gardens we arrive at Rhodes Phoenix (Level 5 Rhodes Shopping Center, 1 Rider Blvde Rhodes) for the tea ceremony. Lols I got my cheongsam from Paddy’s woot only $50 hehe usually the tea ceremony is done at the beginning of the day but I knew I wanted as much sleep as possible so I scheduled it at the restaurant 1 hour before our dinner reception. According to wiki the tea ceremony is to ‘connect large families on wedding days. Older relations so introduced would give a red envelope to the matrimonial couple while the couple would be expected to give a red envelope to younger, unmarried relations.’

I’ma little teapot short and stout, here is my handle here is my spout

Poh Poh and Gung Gung

Hullo parental units

Mmm moolah

Hullo Mrs Wong

And repeat with the rest of the rellies. YUM CHAAAAA!

Hullo brother

Happy baby!

Tee hee

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