Super easy, uber moist ice cream cake

  15 October 2010

Sure, it looks like a normal cake. But wait till you hear the ingredients: box of cake mix, 3 eggs, water AND ICE CREAM. That’s right it’s a cake made with ice cream! This is one of those awesome recipes where you bookmark and make one day because you don’t want to use too much effort sifting flour and creaming butter and sugar. I found this recipe over at Omnomicon who likes using crazy old skool recipes that sound outrageous but simply work. This cake is so freaking moist it’s nuts! And yes most of you will know how much I have issues with the word moist but seriously this is one cake that I will proudly proclaim to the world as moist! Moist! MOIIIIIST!

So ingredients you’ll need:
box of cake mix,
3 eggs,
1 pint ice cream (475ml),
1 cup of water

Simple right? I used my leftover Nutella ice cream that I had hiding in the back of my freezer from when I made the super easy ice cream recipe and because I wanted a Nutella tasting cake I used vanilla cake mix. Obvs you can always use chocolate cake mix, lemon mix etc.

Whack everything in a mixer. I wanted a super strong Nutella tasting cake so I added a coupla spoonfuls of Nutella

Mix everything till the batter looks, well, like ice cream heh

Bake in a pre heated oven at 175C for 45mins

Tadah! A lil sprinkle of icing sugar and she sure is a beauty!

I don’t want to overuse the word moist but seriously it is the moistest cake ever like, the moistest a cake can be without being soggy! It totally makes a squooshing sound when you slice into it! I’m imagining all the ice cream flavour combinations right now mmm honey? Mint choc chip? Pistachio?

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