Friday at long last!

  26 August 2011

OH HAI! My friends, they know me well. Bring me candy and you will have my heart on a silver platter. The very awesome Lene flew in from Chicago and was back in town for holidays and brought me some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. But not just NORMAL peanut butter cups, nay, they were HALF POUND peanut butter cups!!!

Check that monster out compared to its wee itty bitty cousin! Yeah baby that was one hell of a sugar rush!

In case you aren’t following me on Instagram (come stalk me at @chocolatesuze) here’s some of my random pics.. Like this one! The Dip (55 Liverpool St, Chinatown) is fast becoming my second home and for some reason I’m usually there on Wednesdays to hit up their chicken wings (6 for $10). They’re on the spicy side but the ranch dip is just too tasty and don’t even get me started about the awesome pulled pork nachos!

Oh how Tiny Tower has invaded my life! I thought I’d stop at 50 levels but it’s just so freaking addictive and I am determined to get the best elevator! And much lols to the random Domokun that appears. I am too cheap to upgrade my bitizens with costumes so I get my jollies staring at the randoms.

Don’t forget to support the Cancer Council on Daffodil Day!

Cheers to the freaking weekend! Have a good one folks!

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