Pie and a Pint- Cafe Ish, Surry Hills – Closed

  21 October 2011

(CAFE ISH SURRY HILLS IS CLOSED, SEE POST ON MILK BAR BY CAFE ISH HERE) OH YES IT’S FRIDAY! Here’s to the freaking weekend! One week down and one week to go, things they be a-changing and I’m super excited for what’s to come 😀 But enough with the vagueness, get thee to Cafe Ish (82 Campbell Street, Surry Hills) where there is Tightass Tuesdays and now Pie and a Pint Wednesdays!

Pie and a Pint ($15). The weather is heating up a bit but the beer sure does help to cool you down heh heh. Each week is a different pie, one week it was a gorgeous slow cooked beef with nubbins of carrots and potatoes in a curry gravy, and the next a bacon, mince and cheese pie. It’s like a Kinder surprise. What will it hold next?!

A perfectly golden and flaky circle of pastry rests atop the bowl. I choose to stab it into smithereens on the plank and adding in the pieces later so that it doesn’t get soggy. Hope you have an awesome weekend dudes!

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