Grandma's Bar, Sydney

  25 October 2011

NOM! So like, yeah I cut my hair haha I’m still not used to it and I can’t hide behind a curtain of hair no more! But the weather she be acting cray cray and with Summer just around the corner I thought it was time for a change 😛

We were catching up at Grandma’s Bar (275 Clarence St, Sydney), a teensy tiny underground bar with a blink and you’ll miss it entrance. As well as a round of drinks (oh boy that Nuclear Daiquiri was insane), we also ordered a chicken jaffle ($7.50) which was filled with tender chicken pieces and oozing with cheese, perfect for dunking into the kewpie mayo.

The spaghetti jaffle ($7.50) was ordered more out of curiosity and was surprisingly tasty, the noodley innards doing their best to escape from its carbohydrate prison.

There was a toss up between trying Grandma’s daily punch or the Mai Tai which came in cute tiki mugs. But the Mai Tai won out because behold, THERE WAS FIRE!


BAHAHAHAHA dinner and a show! Edit: This just in, Grandma’s Bar has won Timeout Sydney’s Best Small Bar 2011-12! Grats guys!

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