Zumboron Day 2011 at Adriano Zumbo, Rozelle

  27 November 2011

OH HAI! Sorry for not posting more regularly dudes, you see I started a new job about a month ago and it seems I no longer have the ability to function on 4 hours sleep anymore. Blast my long lost teenage abilities! Anywhos it’s that time of year again- that’s right it’s the mania that is Adriano Zumbo and his now famous Macaron Day aka Zumboron Day.

I’d originally decided I was gonna stay away from the Zumbo madness and enjoy my sleep in but several tweets on the twitterverse about a magical fried chicken macaron had me shaking the boy awake and trek to the city. The Balmain store was sure to be packed and reports of 2 hours stuck in a queue had us heading to The Star. The macaron gods were smiling at us, we found street parking less than 2mins away and woot look at our 10min queue! I haz the patience of a peanut and had been dreading the queues the most.

Fliers with the list of all 60 flavours available were being handed out and it was just a matter of ticking which flavours appealed the most. The more crazy ones had an asterisk next to them which of course was first on my hit list.

Original budget was $30 but uhhh as you can see I kinda blew that with each macaron at $2.50 um oops.

Of course I had to get a whole bunch of salted butter popcorn macs, you know, for the road.

Aaaand it’s mac stack time! Picks of the bunch left to right, top – bottom: Banh mi Burger, Vegemite, Margarita Pizza, Green Apple Pie, Strawberry Bubblegum, Salted Butter Caramel, Fried Chicken, Ramen, Redskin.

I ended up buying 2 each of everything in case a particular flavour rocked my world and oh my freaking gawd the fried chicken? All kinds of crazy! Not sure I could eat more than 1 at a time but it spun my tastebuds all out of whack, it was a macaron filled with a bready stuffing and perhaps the Colonels 11 secret herbs and spices and was deep fried for happiness.

The Banh mi burger didn’t hold up so great on the way home and the salty pate smooshed everywhere and the Margarita pizza came with the cutest teensy tiny slice of cheese with a dab of tomato sauce. The Vegemite was what I expected and well, Noods really wanted it so who am I to deny him a macaron.. as well as the strawberry bubblegum mac which um both fit into my category oh please get that away from me..

The Salted butter caramel is amazing but of course anything with salted caramel is da bomb, the green apple pie had crystalised sugar all over the mac which made for a crunchilicious mouthful of cinnamon. The Ramen didn’t really taste like much but textually I liked the noodle bits on the mac, and the Redskin mac brought back childhood memories of trying to get candy outta my teeth. And that’s all folks!

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