Riccadonna Allegra

  6 December 2011

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OH HAI! What’s that? Is the crazy season getting you down? In need of a breather and just want to take a sec and enjoy life? Yeah I know how you feel, I can’t believe it’s already December! Sydney weather sure ain’t helping, last week was perfect picnic weather and then there was rain but I know we will have an incredible summer.

So the other day I received some bottles of Riccadonna Allegra to try out, this new addition to the family is promoted as being a ‘semi-dry Italian sparkling wine which is elegant and not so sweet.’ Personally I prefer my sparkling wines sweet so was curious to give it a try especially because I had something in mind…

A picnic in the park with just desserts! I admit, whenever I feel like having a picnic usually sweets will be on my mind and soft drink just will not do.

It’s been a pretty hectic year and it’s awesome to just take some time over the weekend to chillax in the park with some friends or even just your fav person in the whole world. That is, until that person manages to pop the cork off and spill half of it everywhere lol good one Noods!

The Riccadonna Allegra lives up to it’s tagline- the wine isn’t too sweet even with the vanilla cupcakes, chocolate mudcake and rainbow doughnuts we’d consumed and pretty refreshing which will go down a treat when the temps heat the 30’s. We give it a thumbs up so click here to check out your nearest stockist for Riccadonna Allegra!

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