Flour and Stone, Woolloomooloo

  17 September 2012

Oh HELLO beautiful. That’s right it was about time I went to check out Flour and Stone (53 Riley St, Woolloomooloo) after jealously drooling over pics on Instagram and knew I just had to try the famed Pannacotta Lamington ($6). And check that out! What a beauty! It was a pretty massive lamington (not that I’m complaining) and well there is no other word to describe the innards without using the word moist but indeed it was moist and surprisingly light and fluffy. I loved the coconut flakes which was so much more preferable to the dreaded desiccated coconut and was so freaking happy with the generous layer of rich chocolate on all sides.

Noods refused to partake in a breakfast of desserts so he ordered the Boiled Free Range Eggs & Soldiers ($8.50) which came with the cutest pink beanie for the eggs nawww I’m such a sucker for novelty and spotted other egg cosy’s with animal designs. The eggs were perfect, gooey egg yolk centers just begging for the toasted sourdough slices to take a dunk.

The main reason we were here was for the donuts cos yep I’m still on my donut craze. On offer that weekend was a Lemon & Ricotta Donut ($4.50) which was tangy but not as sweet or creamy as I had hoped and a Raspberry & Vanilla Custard Donut ($4.50) which was jam packed with oozy sweet filling and had a perfect dusting of sugar that of course showered me the moment I took a bite. I happen to be the world’s messiest eater.

Noods was still hungry so he ordered the Slow Braised Lamb, Potato and Rosemary Pie ($7) which seriously just kicks all other pies to the kerb with its gloriously flaky pastry and freaking tender lamb. It is AMAZING. The rosemary just makes this pie out of this world and the sprinkle of salt is the perfect balance of awesome. We ended up buying another 2 pies to take home for dinner and I just cannot stop raving about it. NEED MORE PIE IN MY IMMEDIATE FUTURE.

I couldn’t resist the Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Tart ($5.50) which almost defeated me! I was put into a food coma after this tart, with its buttery pastry and gooey layer of caramel and bittersweet dark chocolate. Definitely the kind of dessert that you want to snuggle with in a beanbag and get all comfy and enjoy without sharing with anyone oh yes..

Packets of gingerbread and cookies by Cookie Couture are also for sale

Flour and Stone has an unassuming shop front and we totally missed it on our first loop around the area but it’s location is forever etched into my brain because I need more pies stat.

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  1. Blitzo says:

    My friends are driving down from Nabiac tomorrow to meet me for dinner at Flour and Stone I am so excited to go back this restaurant.

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