Jazz City Milk Bar, Darlinghurst

  11 February 2013


OH HAIIIII! Oh how I love fairy floss! So when word on the street started buzzing that the awesome American style Jazz City Diner was opening an offshoot Jazz City Milk Bar (Republic 2 Courtyard, Palmer St, Darlinghurst) just around the corner and that there was an entire menu of flavoured fairy floss I knew I had to visit quick smart. I couldn’t resist ordering the fairy floss before looking at the rest of the menu and picked the Watermelon fairy floss ($5). It was freaking incredible! Slightly sour and sweet of course, but surprisingly not teeth achingly so.

It was ridiculously hot that day so we grab some beers ($7-$8) to start off, forgoing the Floats ($8) and Milkshakes ($8) on offer.

We order a round of hotdogs to share, the New Orleans Fried Oyster Remoulade Dog ($12) is the favourite of the lot, the soft bun holds a pile of shredded lettuce and a jumble of oysters which are fat and juicy beneath their cornmeal coated exteriors. There was the Texas Style Chilli Hot Dog ($12) which came loaded with cheese, jalapenos, onions and Texas style beef chili. We picked the Buffalo Wings Style Hot Dog ($7) mainly because of the blue cheese. Oh yes I have finally seen the light and moved over into the blue cheese loving camp! All the hotdogs comes with a side of fries with a choice of seasoning (Creole, Jamaican Jerk or normal) so we get a mix but the Creole is the winner of the bunch.

I had been craving for something deep fried so ordered the Buttermilk Southern Fried Quail ($22) which was very prettily presented with spheres of sweet candied yams, a pile of sautéed spinach, nubbins of salty bacon and topped with the cutest fried quail egg. The de boned quail was indeed very crispy with knobbly battered bits but alas! The size! I’m not the biggest of eaters and yet I scraped the plate clean and resorted to stealing bites of hotdogs and chips! It just felt so refined and well, not really diner or milk bar style? It was delicious but I guess I would’ve just loved a whole basket of quail piled high!

For dessert we share a slice of the German Chocolate Cake ($10). It is not your normal chocolate cake, wiki explains that it’s the common name of an American chocolate cake topped with a coconut-pecan frosting. It’s not bad but I was hoping for a more chocolatey flavour with the cake but it’s a tad lost in the frosting.

Aaand I decided to order one last fairy floss for the road so it’s back to the counter again to stare in fascination while it’s being made. I totally want a commercial sized fairy floss machine!

I chose grape flavour and it kicks the watermelon to the curb, it tastes exactly like grape Hubba Bubba bubble gum! The cloud of fairy floss is much bigger than the pic but because it was so warm that day it had started to melt everywhere eep! I will definitely be back to try the rest of the flavours of fairy floss (apple, vanilla, bubblegum, blue raspberry) and I hear the breakfast menu on the weekends is pretty damn awesome too.

Service was lovely and friendly but food did take a while to arrive. There aren’t many tables available so get there early or be prepared to wait!
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