La Paula, Fairfield

  25 February 2013

Oh haiiii! So like, what’s up with this rain? I feel like I need to get an ark or something! With all the soggyness everywhere I had a mad craving for an empanada. A fried one. And one stuffed full of cheese. So off we went to La Paula (1/9 Barbara St, Fairfield) to warm our souls with empanadas and of course desserts.

Step inside, immediately look left and check out the dessert counter! YEAH BABY! Enough sweets to make my soon to be cavities drop out of my molars. I placed and paid for my lunch order at the counter and then decided to order a dessert to eat while waiting because I was bordering hangry aka angry and hungry.

A box of Flan ($3.50) is pretty close to perfect, eggy, light and with the perfect amount of golden caramelly syrup. It is my idea of the perfect comfort food/dessert and ended up buying another one to take home and eat while swaddled in blankets.

A fat wedge of Torta 3 Leche ($4) is also procured although it is not quite as tasty as the flan. The cake part itself is ahem moist and the layers of dulce de leche is of course sweet and smooth but the frosting on the outside weirded me out a tad, it was fluffy and white but had no taste! Not of cream, not of milk and not even of sugar! It was just.. white..

The first of the real food arrives: Pupusa ($3). The menu said ‘cheese and pork crackling filled tortillas” but er well I couldn’t taste any pork crackling just meaty pork nubbins making sweet sweet love with stretchy cheese and enveloped in what tasted like a corn pancake? Pretty damn tasty and hellooo charred edge goodness! The pupusa came with side bowls of cabbage salad and watery tomato sauce but didn’t really need it.

The boy has chosen the Lomito Completo ($9.80) a burger stuffed full of tender slices of pork, tomato, sauerkraut and a dollop of creamy mayonaise. I’m quite enamoured by the buns which are freakishly light and the mayonaise for some reason reminds me of kewpie mayo which isn’t bad because hey keypie mayo is awesome.

And of course, the Empanada de Queso ($3.40). Piping hot and fresh from being baptised in oil, the empanada pastry is golden and flakey and that home made cheese filling? Streeeeetchy!

Aaaand one last look at the holy land of sweets, with possibly a sweet round of Alfajorde ($2.90) for the road. I managed to not take a photo of it because it was crammed into my mouth before we had even left the store. I’m classy like that.

Parking yo. Park close to avoid the rain! Or you know, for less walking.
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