Uluru Ayers Rock

  7 April 2013

So I was debating posting about my trip to Uluru/Ayers Rock. It’s not exactly the place for spectacular food and usually all my holidays with Noods involves eating as a primary and sight-seeing as a secondary need. But well, it was an awesome experience and I want to share it with you guys esp for the rellies that drop by here occasionally (HI UNCLE KEN AND MOON YEE!)

It was a pretty spur of the moment trip, we knew we wanted to get out of Sydney for a bit but wanted to stay in Aus… next thing I knew flights were booked from Syd-Uluru (don’t book to Alice Springs unless you like waiting for connecting flights or feel the urge to take a long drive there). We landed late afternoon and checked in at Sails in the Desert and made it just in time to grab the last tickets to Sounds of Silence dinner ($169 each).

The Sounds of Silence dinner is held on a sand dune a short bus trip away with a perfect view of Uluru. It’s pretty damn awesome sitting out in the middle of nowhere with only candles and the moon lighting everything. The food was buffet style with the usual salads, grilled meats and aussie desserts. Oh and free flow alcohol in case you are stuck on a table with obnoxious tourists 😛

PURDY! There was also a ‘Star Talker’ who gave us a little bit of a talk on the southern night sky.

There may have been one too many beverages the night prior and we managed to sleep through breakfast time so ended up grabbing lunch at Walpa Bar. Bbq pork ribs, mini cheeseburger and fries for me.

Kangaroo steak for Noods.

The Resort has a mini shopping centre area with a post office, souvenir store, a couple of bars and cafe but best of all.. an IGA supermarket! Stocked up on bottles of precious water.

I very stupidly agreed to the Uluru Return Tour ($50 each) where a shuttle basically picks you up from the resort and drops you at Uluru where you can wander around the base of Uluru at your own pace.

Which sounds all fine and dandy and I start off all happy as Larry but oh the heat! The dry heat which sucks the moisture from your body! I love warm temperatures but when the thermostat pushes over 40C I shut down which is pretty much what happened about 1hour into our ‘walk’.

Noods doing the ‘thinking man’ pose. Hah! More like the ‘why is she walking so slow’ sulk.

Aaaand this is where I spent the rest of the day- submerged in lukewarm water in an attempt to not overheat.

Buffet dinner was at Ilkari Restaurant with a surprisingly large amount of desserts.

Noods took this photo at sunset. He was very proud of it.

The next day I may have agreed to the Explore Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) tour ($80 each) after a promise from Noods that it was shorter..

I may have attempted to strangle Noods around the halfway mark..

And then almost passed out when we finally made it through the rock domes haha

Back to the pool I went and stayed until my skin went wrinkly. A round of fish and chips was much needed.

Being awake at sunrise is something that required much effort but it was totally worth it on our last day for the Camel to Sunrise Tour ($119 each).

Hellooo camel congo line!

Best tour ever, especially before the crazy heat and the flies come out! The guides walked along side our camels, chatting to us about the random plants and animals.

Farewell Uluru!

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