Cafe con Leche, Surry Hills

  19 August 2013

OH HAIIII LOOK AT THE STRETCHY CHEESE!!! So my time at GYG was coming to an end and some of the Colombian’s from the office wanted to take me to try Colombian food at Cafe con Leche (104 Fitzroy St, Surry Hills).

We start off with drinks, I had to skip the famed hot chocolate but instantly fall in love with the soursop juice (minus the milk) which is refreshing and is similar in taste to custard apple.

Arepa time! One corn and one cheese filled arepa (two for $12) served with little plates filled with toppings of fresh guacamole, salsas, ropa vieja (shredded beef) and sour cream.

The corn arepa was tasty but I absolutely loved the cheese filled arepa! Because I mean hey, stretchy cheese! Oozy, gooey cheese! Controlling my toppings on the arepa was all part of the diy fun though I did struggle about 3/4 of the way thru the plate because damn it was filling!

The soup of the day was the Caldo de Costilla ($15), a hearty and warming beef rib soup with potato and coriander that was perfect for the tail end of winter.

A second visit to Cafe con Leche and the soup of the day was the Ajiaco ($15), a comforting chicken and potato soup with a corn cob bobbing about. There was also a side dish of avocado and cream which made the soup richer and tangy with the addition of capers.

And then there was the South American Eggs ($14), ridiculously light scrambled eggs with a spicy chorizo and a cheese arepa with a side of guacamole.

The cafe is quite small but the food comes out hot and fast. Service is super friendly and they know all the locals by name, Cafe con Leche is definitely a keeper!

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