Wagyu House, Concord

  25 August 2013

It’s very rare for Noods to willingly wake up early on a weekend but if there is the promise of cow he’ll be the first one out of bed.

We’d driven past Wagyu House (668-670 Parramatta Road, Croydon) so many times this year that we’re now kicking ourselves for not visiting earlier cos hot damn this is Korean BBQ at its delicious best with the added bonus of wagyu!

There’s a handful of car park spaces available if you’re early and beat the rush but first make your way to the butchery and gaze into the fridges holding shrink wrapped packages of meats and seafood.

The deal is you pick out all the meat you would like to eat and then pay like a normal butcher duh.

If you’re staying then you pay $5 per head and you’re led to your table where a whole bunch of banchan (side dishes), sauces and salad leaves await. Gotta love the variety! Brownie points went to the ridiculously spicy but addictive kimchi and the slices of pickled radish.

We had picked out a meat combo pack ($39) which came with a whole slab of pork belly and different cuts of wagyu which was just enough for the 2 of us. There’s also an ala carte menu in case you don’t feel like cooking and would rather someone else to do it for you heh

There’s just something about the smell of meat cooking that brings out the caveman in all of us…

The pork belly was pretty awesome, we left it on the grill until all the fat had caramelised into deliciousness.

And then I got greedy and went and bought some more meat for the hell of it- helllooo Wagyu chuck tail ($22)

The wagyu is amazing, fatty, tender and melt in the mouth but unfortunately we were starting to suffer the effects of meat sweats and I had to resort to wrapping morsels of meat in lettuce leaves. It seems my meat eating training in Texas has deteriorated.

The restaurant is decked out with exhaust pipes hanging above each stove and they’re pretty hardcore which is tops so we don’t leave smelling like smoke. We’ll definitely be back soon for our next protein hit!

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