Super Easy Christmas Tree Waffle Cones

  23 December 2013

Ok so like, I first saw the Christmas Tree Cones over here and I was all psyched to fill the waffle cone innards with cookie dough but woe the crazy heat wave that has hit Sydney! Temps have almost hit 40C out west and no way was I going to bake in that heat!

So these Christmas tree waffle cones are pretty simple, so simple it doesn’t need a recipe haha

Box of waffle cones
500g chocolate
Sprinkles and other decorations

This part peeved me the most. I don’t know if other brands of waffle cones are flat but this lot had a weird sloped edge so I had to trim them and broke quite a few..

Nuke your chocolate in 10 sec blasts, stirring in between until chocolate has fully melted. You could use a double boiler if you want.. Drizzle chocolate down waffle cone, using knife to spread. If your chocolate is super melty wait a min or two for the chocolate to harden on the cone before decorating otherwise decorations will slide off.

It’s a Christmas tree forest!

I’m of the ‘eat ice cream in a cone but in a bowl’ persuasion.

Teehee aaaand our annual Santa photo! He looks grumpy but he’s the best and always remembers us each year. Hope you all have a safe and delicious Christmas! Love, Suze & Noods

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