Waterman’s Lobster Co., Potts Point

  14 June 2015


I know, I know, I generally don’t blog about a place when they’ve just opened but when I saw pics of the Lobster Roll- Connecticut style, with warm butter ($18) floating around on Instagram I was dying to see if I could find a closer to home substitute to Supernormal.

And it was pretty darn tasty with a generous amount of lobster meat! Although, not gonna lie, but whenever butter is mentioned as an ingredient I automatically imagine a nice pool of glorious butter so I was hoping the lobster would be drowned in butter but this was not the case. So yeah it was a tad dry but it was still tasty, the butter let the natural sweetness of the lobster shine through. But yeah more butter would’ve been awesome because everything tastes better with butter 😛 There’s the option of adding a pickle ($1) but I went with fries ($2) which were golden and crunchy and just perfect.

Lobster Roll- Maine style, with mayo and celery ($18). The boy and I loved this roll the most, the lobster was smothered in a creamy mayo and the celery provided a welcome crunch. The roll itself was pretty awesome too, soft and fluffy on the inside and nicely toasted on the outside.

Oh and we had some starters too, I’m not sure why but I was so convinced that the Fish Rillettes ($15) would be salmon, instead it was a combination of yellowfin tuna and bonito and comes with a side of pickled carrots and a bowl of saltines crackers. I wasn’t completely sold on this, the taste and texture of the rillettes reminded me of the canned tuna and crackers you get from the shops when you’re low on funds; On the table there was a tiny plate filled with a special house made chilli salt and a nori salt which were sprinkled pretty liberally and was pretty damn addictive.

And we also ordered the Kingfish tartare ($17) which while a little heavy on the lemon juice was nice and refreshing with the ribbons of seaweed and radish slices and would be perfect in summer. I liked the slices of chilli which gave the dish a kick in the pants. Or should that be mouth?

I was really looking forward to desserts because for me a meal is never complete without something sweet but sadly Waterman’s Lobster Co don’t have any desserts just yet which just means another visit is in order!

Waterman’s Lobster Co.
5/29 Orwell Street
Potts Point NSW

Trading Hours:
Mon – Sat: 12pm – Late
Sun: 10am – 6pm

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