San Francisco – Joe’s Crab Shack, Bacon Bacon, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, Bar Crudo

  1 March 2016

Joe's Crab Shack, San Francisco
Oh hello pinchy! Ok ok this is the last post on my USA trip I swear!!! So following on from my day of seeing how much chowder I could possibly eat in San Francisco, this post is gonna be everything else we ate starting with a crab boil at Joe’s Crab Shack on Fisherman’s Wharf (245 Jefferson St, San Francisco).

Joe's Crab Shack, San Francisco
Presenting the Lobster Daddy Feast– a bucket holding snow crab, a whole Maine lobster, corn, potatoes and a side plate of melted butter to drizzle and dunk to your hearts content! And yes I may have ordered a side salad because every now and then I need nutrients.

Salted caramel donut, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, San Francisco
A quick uber trip across town to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse (1042 Larkin St, San Francisco) for one of the best donuts I’ve ever had! Yes I know they’re known for their cruffins (muffin/croissant hybrid) but I was much more interested in this salted caramel specimen, and my, what a beauty she was! There was a generous amount of salted caramel sauce that had the perfect balance of salty and sweet and the donut itself was oh so light and fluffy!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Of course we just had to check out San Francisco’s most famous landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
My goodness it was windy that day! And so misty! Literally 10mins after this was taken, half the bridge was covered in fog! Also, watch out for all the tourists who attempt to ride a bike in who knows how long it’s been since their childhood years. We saw so many near misses with cyclists wobbling their way into oncoming traffic!

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Not gonna lie but we totally took an uber to get from the previous photo’s view and this view hahaha yeah I was so done with San Francisco’s bloody hills!

Packet of bacon, Bacon Bacon, San Fransciso
I happened to stumble upon Bacon, Bacon (205 Frederick St, San Francisco), a cafe selling bacon in all kinds of delicious forms! They’ve also got a food truck roaming around but we happened to be in the area and I just couldn’t resist ordering a Bouquet of Bacon (US$6/AU$8.40)! I freaking love American bacon! That fat, that flavour! And always so crispylicious!

Grilled cheese from Bacon Bacon, San Fransciso
The Grilled Cheese (US$8/AU$11.20) is my idea of a perfect toastie because I mean, along with being packed full of bacon and bacon jam, JUST LOOK AT THAT MELTY CHEESE!

Oysters at Bar Crudo, San Franciso
One night we followed a stream of hipsters to Bar Crudo (655 Divisadero St, San Francisco) and perched at the bar for a light dinner. We started with half a doz Oysters (Sea Cow, Miyagi and Kumamoto) which were freshly shucked and deliciously briny and also the CRAB BUTTER WITH SOURDOUGH TO DIP! Daaaaamn Daniel! So fracking amazing!

Sea Urchin at Bar Crudo, San Franciso
The Uni Toast (US$13/AU$18.20) was a winner, with fat sea urchin draped across creamy smashed avocado and a drizzle of yuzu to set the tastebuds a-tingle.

Sashimi at Bar Crudo, San Franciso
The Crudo Sampler For Two (US$28/AU$39.20) comes with Arctic Char, Scallop, Tombo Tuna and my all time favourite fish- butterfish! Everything was incredible fresh and light and with the perfect amount of dressing.

Bar Crudo, San Franciso
We decide to share the Roasted Crab (US$24/AU$33.60) and struggled to finish it! There was just so much juicy crab meat, it was awesome like a neverending crab! And the buttery sauce was nutty and rich but didn’t overpower the natural sweetness of the crab.

Cheeseburger at In n Out, San Francisco
Haha and I managed to squeeze in one last In n Out cheeseburger bacon on the Wharf because well, you can never have too many burgers 😛

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  1. Now I want to go back to the US! We never made it to San Fran 🙁
    I love all the food shots, I don’t think I would tackle that lobster on my own, you’re a brave girl… I’m jealous though. I’m looking up flights on the other webpage… hence the mistake in my last comment to you :0

  2. I’m quite happy for you to keep the USA posts rolling out, honestly :p Err bacon bacon, yup, that is one that is on the must do in San Fran list!

  3. OMG that bacon! My heart cannot handle!

  4. Jules says:

    I know you love Bacon so I saw this, maybe the thing for you for Xmas.

  5. you’re making me remember all the food we ate in SF at the start of the year! Loved how much fresh seafood there was everywhere. That crudo sampler plate looks lush.

  6. A bouquet of bacon? I can’t think of anything more romantic!

  7. damn it, all I can think about now is having a grilled cheese toastie ermahgerd

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