Street Meat @ Lucky Suzie, Darlinghurst

  6 December 2016

Cheung Fun at Meat Street, Lucy Suzie, Darlinghurst
How much am I loving Sydney in summer?! I’ve been spending many a day at the beach just calming the fk down, staring at the waves and submerging myself in bodies of water. What does this have to do with the Street Meet popup that was held at Lucky Suzie on the weekend? Nothing really but it takes a lot to drag me away from the beach and pics of this HK style curry fish ball with cheung fun had us all salivating so we braved the uber surge price and left beautiful Bondi behind.

So anyways 8 Sydney chefs teamed up to create Street Meat, a one off event where each chef cooked their favourite street food dish. By the time we arrived in the early arvo, half the menu had already sold out and for only $10 a pop it’s no wonder! We start off with Sam Young (MS G’s) cheung fun which is a massive hit, the silky noodles soaking up the gloriously rich curry sauce.

Kinilaw at Meat Street, Lucy Suzie, Darlinghurst
Manny Paraiso (Bibo Winebar) served up a Kinilaw (Filipino Ceviche) with kingfish ceviche, fermented coconut vinegar, cucumber, onion and puffed rice. It was so fricken tasty and fresh and tasted like summer! The flavours were just so bright and zingy and I loved the contrast of the sweet, firm flesh of the kingfish against the crunch of the puffed rice.

Chicken Ribs at Meat Street, Lucy Suzie, Darlinghurst
I was devastated we missed out on Patrick Friesen’s (Papi Chulo) grilled wings but thankfully managed to snare Zacharay Tan’s (Lucky Suzie) fried chicken ribs marinated in a headily fragrant Malaysian shrimp paste. The batter was perfect, golden and crunchy and encasing incredibly juicy meat. Defs fingerlicking tasty!

Bulgogi at Meat Street, Lucy Suzie, Darlinghurst
When Tae Kyu Lee’s (Kim Restaurant) charcoal grilled beef bulgogi arrives we exclaim excitedly haha I mean, look at that presentation! Mini grill! The beef has been grilled on one side to a caramelised deliciousness and I took great joy in stabbing the egg yolk and swirling it around the shallots 😛

Ube at Meat Street, Lucy Suzie, Darlinghurst
For dessert we shared the Taro ice cream with bubur cha cha and jackfruit on a small mountain of crushed ice. Is that calamansi we taste? Whatever it is it’s deeelicious and the perfect dessert to end a hot weekend!

3 thoughts on “Street Meat @ Lucky Suzie, Darlinghurst”
  1. Ramen Raff says:

    I miss eating kinilaw so much! So jealous of all your your eats and Tae Kyu’s bulgogi!

  2. irene says:

    Oooh that cheong fun looks delish!

  3. So sad I missed this event. Looked like so much fun! That kinilaw is exactly what I need on a day like today!

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