Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket

  14 September 2020

Entrance at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket
I’m the first to admit I’m super susceptible to advertising. An ad for a new chip product will flash by and I’ll instantly want to seek it out and try so it goes without saying that Instagram is basically one continuous advertisement for all the restaurants I now have to eat at and then I saw a post from new Japanese yakiniku joint Matsusaka Backstreet with a pic of juicy wagyu and a caption reading “sketchy entrance go up the seedy staircase” hahahaha

I love buffets and the asian in me of course tries to get my moneys worth. Matsusaka have 3 menus to choose from- the Standard Buffet ($49.80) has 65 offerings, the Matsusaka Buffet ($59.80) is the same as the Standard with the addition of sashimi and ramen, but it’s the Premium Buffet ($69.80) we’re after which has 95 dishes including 4 kinds of wagyu cuts, premium ox tongue and thick cut beef rib.

Meat platter at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket
Dipping sauces and a taster plate arrive first with an array of their choice cuts, complete with labels so you know what you’re eating and can reorder on the touchpad.

Ox tongue at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket
They have a lot of deals on their Instagram with discounts or specials cuts and we managed to get this super thick ox tongue one week!

Ox tongue on grill at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket

Wagyu on grill at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket
And then it’s up to you to cook your meat to your preferred doneness!

Meat platter at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket
Look at all that marbling <3

Meat platter at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket
Moar meat

Wagyu on grill at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket
The smell of meat sizzling is so incredible

Butter corn at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket
I highly recommend scrolling to the bbq vegetable tab and ordering a lil foil tray with corn and butter, and also the grated cheese and then combine for cheesy goodness!

Touch screen at Matsusaka Backstreet, Haymarket

Matsusaka Backstreet
Level 1/90 Hay St,

Trading Hours:
Sun – Weds: 11:30am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm
Thurs – Sat: 11:30am–2:30pm, 5–10pm
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  2. Kate Brownell says:

    Nice. You were right I checked their deals on Instagram. Noar meat looks so good and fresh. I always order fresh meat recipes from the cafes in Broadbeach along with some other snacks but these days it is hard to order due to COVID-19. I do not know if I can order meat from this place or is it open to pick up my order. Well, I need to check that, but nice and helpful post. Thank you.

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