That was 2020

  1 January 2021

Well, it’s that time again for the 2020 recap. The year started with devastating bushfires and then COVID-19 started to spread like out of a horror movie. I was lucky enough to still keep my job but at reduced hours and was grateful that my team and my friends were able to communicate with each other thru the lockdown months.

There was a lot of tv watched, from the ridiculousness that was Tiger King to the nostalgia of Kobra Kai, and finally getting into super addictive K dramas- Crash Landing On You and The King Eternal Monarch were my faves. Surprisingly Masterchef was a big hit this year, the new judges were a breath of fresh air to the same ol same ol format over the years and it was fun screaming at the tv again.

I caved and bought a Nintendo Switch about a month into lockdown and then didn’t sleep after getting Animal Crossing. I obsessed over turnip prices and collecting all the fish and insects for my museum before switching over to Pokémon Sword and catching all the Pokémon (gotta catch em all!)

Nimbus, our pile of fluff and pure doggo happiness finally joined the fam after being on a wait list since 2018! She’s so incredibly smart and will do anything for chicken. She has grown so fast, from being a shoe stealing, sock chewing fiend to a joyful, bouncing blur that wants pats from everyone.

Random hobby wise, many puzzles were completed, notably a 1000 piece rainbow though of course, I ceebs framing. I learnt how to make paracord bracelets and made quite a few cheese platters over on @helloisitbrie and while I’m still very much a noob I’ve enjoyed learning and arranging and making them all pretty.

Joined TikTok and felt so old but can’t stop won’t stop haha and while I didn’t bake any sourdough I did make a heck of a lot of biscoff cheesecakes, cheesy shin ramen and grilled cheese toasties. And dino chicken nuggies.

While eating out was cut down a lot this year, highlight of the year was the set menu at @chaco_bar, the chawanmushi was sublime and the yakitori just fantastic and special mention to the cloud-like soufflé pancakes from @gram_pancakes_australia

I hope everyone has a safe and delicious new year, here’s to 2021!

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