Tenacious Bakehouse, Darlinghurst

  1 September 2022
@chocolatesuze All the pastries please #portuguesetarts #pastry #tenaciousbakehouse #darlinghurst #sydney #sydneyfoodie #injeolmi ♬ Hold Me Closer – Elton John & Britney Spears

Tenacious Bakehouse is Sydney’s newest and most anticipated bakery that has just opened on Oxford St, Darlinghurst. I lined up bright and early on the weekend and got 1 of everything.

Yeongjin Park, previously from Picco Leo is famous for his take on the Portuguese tart and it is as delicious as always with super flaky layers, a smooth custardy centre and drizzled with miso caramel. I won’t start singing the corn song but this pastry with cornflakes and onion mayo tastes just like the sizzling corn and cheese dish you get at a korean restaurant, it is amazing.

I also got the Strawberry tart and an almond croissant. I loved the Injelomi Pandoro, it’s filled with cream and red bean paste and the pastry smothered in roasted soy bean powder. My favourite of the lot was the Black Garlic Crown, it’s the garlic bread of my dreams! Super garlicy and buttery, this is a must order. This is Tenacious Bakehouse in Darlinghurst

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