Nan Yang Tea Club @ Market City, Sydney

  20 September 2022
@chocolatesuze Mud crabs are so messy but so delicious #sydney #nanyangteaclub #marketcity #mudcrab #crab #malaysianfood #sydneyrestaurants ♬ Black Cloud – merci, mercy

If you’re after mud crabs in Sydney then head to Nanyang Tea Club located on the top level of Market City. Be sure to call ahead a few days prior to preorder and put a deposit down. We were in luck with some female mud crabs available and we ordered one in Singapore Chilli crab sauce. The claws were massive and so meaty, it also came with deep fried mantou buns with fluffy centre that are perfect for dipping in the sauce.

Our second crab was salted egg yolk sauce which is my fave! On another visit we ordered more crabs this time in a black pepper sauce and another with ginger and shallot and crispy noodles. For non crab eaters I would highly recommend the fish curry which is incredibly fragrant, the hainanese chicken rice balls and salt and pepper calamari.

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