Myeongdong, North Strathfield

  26 September 2022
@chocolatesuze All the banchan! #sydney #northstrathfield #myeongdong #koreanrestaurants #sydneyrestaurants #banchan #bossam ♬ Fear Of Dying – Alison Wonderland

You know when you eat at a Korean restaurant and you only get 1 or 2 free banchan side dishes? Well Myeongdong in North Strathfield is legendary for providing the most amount of free banchan in Sydney.

After you place your order a whole flurry of banchan dishes are quickly placed on our table, covering ¾ of the surface area. Oh and did I mention that they’ll happily refill any of the banchan?

But back to the actual dishes, we ordered the bossam which is fatty pork shoulder that’s thinly sliced and you wrap in a leaf and add pickles and kimchi. We also ordered kimchi pancake, bibimbap in a hot stone pot and spicy pork bone soup.

The teokbokki with stretchy cheese was a massive serve and was a hit with the fam, I mean look at this cheese! We also had the spicy soft tofu stew with seafood, japchae potato noodles and of course my fave fried chicken with snow cheese. This is Myeondong in North Strathfield.

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