Hotel Centennial, Woollahra

  7 March 2023
@chocolatesuze Amazing roasted duck #sydney #hotelcentennial #woollahra #duck #sydneyrestaurant ♬ original sound – ChocolateSuze

I have been obsessed with duck for the past few months and one of the best I’ve had in Sydney is at Hotel Centennial in Woolahra. The roasted duck for two is $150 and there’s usually a 30min wait as it roasts. Once done our waiter brought the glossy duck to our table for us to bask in its glory before returning to the kitchen to slice up and return.

The duck breasts are served with peppers and comes with a little saucepan filled with rich jus. The duck itself is so juicy that it barely needs anything and the skin is crisp and perfectly rendered. The duck legs are confited and so tender and the summer leaf salad is fresh and zingy with shreds of duck hiding throughout.

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