Taste of Shunde, Hurstville

  19 June 2023
@chocolatesuze Epic steamed seafood platter is so glorious! Also I misspoke in the voiceover, it’s $318 for 3 styles – chilli, peppercorns and black bean with additional abalone $8.80each #tasteofshunde #sydney #hurstville #seafood #sydneyrestaurant ♬ S-Class – Stray Kids

Taste of Shunde has been on my to eat list for ages, I’ve been dying to eat the ginormous steamed seafood platter and finally it was mine! There’s 2 choices for the fish- there’s Murray cod but I opted for the coral trout and it also comes with prawns and pippies.

The platter is cooked in 3 styles for $318, on one side is chilli, in the middle is black bean, and on the other side is peppercorns. There’s optional add on’s like oysters and scallops but we added abalone for $8.80 each which were incredible, super tender and so juicy. Also underneath all the seafood are rice noodles which absorbs all the juices and flavours.

We also ordered the sweet and sour pork, mushrooms and the family fave was the salt and pepper calamari. We also got complimentary fruit and BYO is only $10 a bottle

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