1 meter long roti tissue @ Kayu Nasi Kandar, KL

  20 November 2023
@chocolatesuze Always a must order when visiting KL, the one meter long roti tissue covered in sugar, butter and condensed milk #kualalumpur #rotitissue #klfood #malaysia #malaysianfood #roti ♬ original sound – ChocolateSuze

I’ve just returned from my first holiday overseas since the Covid madness began and first stop was Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. A must visit for every trip is to Kayu Nasi Kandar for their 1 meter tall roti tissue. The dough is pulled and stretched out until paper-thin, spread generously with butter, and then folded into a cone shape before drizzling with sugar and condensed milk.

All heads turn when the waiter brings the roti tissue to your table and carefully lays it down for us to devour. The pastry is crisp and delicate and so delicious piping hot from the grill with the sugar melding into the layers. It is the perfect dessert to share and only 13.50 Ringgit, or 5 Aussie dollars

2 thoughts on “1 meter long roti tissue @ Kayu Nasi Kandar, KL”
  1. Sana Javed says:

    I have tried this one and this tissue roti is very very yummy. It is so crunchy & sweet in taste. My kids love it

    1. Sana Javed says:

      This one is available in Penang as well.

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