Bruny Baker Fridge, Bruny Island Tasmania

  8 April 2024
@chocolatesuze The Bruny Baker honesty system fridge is filled with freshly baked sourdough and biscuits every day #tasmania #brunyisland #brunybaker #visittasmania #sourdough #anzacbiscuits ♬ original sound – ChocolateSuze

Over the weekend I flew to Tasmania and one of the most memorable spots to visit in Bruny Island was the Bruny Baker fridge in quite literally the middle of nowhere.

The honesty-system fridge is filled once a day with bread and biscuits and is an incredibly novel travel experience.

We had arrived just before 12 and the loaves of sourdough bread were still warm but unfortunately we knew we wouldn’t have time to eat it so for afternoon tea we’ve picked up some chocolate covered Anzac biscuits which were nice and crisp on the edges and with a satisfying chew in the middle.

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