meat cupcake

  18 March 2008

2, 4, 6, 8 take a look at my MEAT CUPCAKE!

hurhur ive always wanted to make a meat cake but was worried that if i made a normal cake-sized cake that noone would eat it lol so cupcake size was perfect!

i used a mix of lean and normal pork mince (2:1 ratio total weight 700g), 1 diced onion, 1/4 clove chopped garlic, salt n pepper, half a beaten egg, cornflour, worcestershire sauce and soy sauce. Smoosh everything together and leave in fridge while you make yourself a cup of tea or in my case a can of v. Fire up your oven to 180C (fan forced) and go scrounge up some patty cases. Foil cases are best cos your meat will ooze juices. Shape meat into ball sizes (approx 100g) and squish into cases pressing down so theyll keep the shape once unwrapped. Bake for around 25mins or until nicely brown. i didnt have any foil cases so they were pretty oily and had to stand on oven cooling racks. While meat cupcakes are baking whip up some mashed potato approx 3 med sized potatos depending on how much mash you want to use. Once the meat cupcakes are cool dig out the middles and fill with tomato sauce.

i felt like putting cheese somewhere so i just whacked it on top of the sauce but they could prolly have gone in the meat mixture eh next time

try and make your mash relatively sloppy and piping it warm is easier. also make sure you pound away at your mash so theres no lumps. i sadly cbf which is why half were piped and the other half were smooshed on because the lumps stuck to my piping nozzle booo

fry up some bacon about 3 rashers of the meaty bits and cut pretty shapes while eating the crispy bits yumyum

ahh so preetty! warm these babies before serving heehee happy birthday wally hope you liked!

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