dulce de leche

  4 August 2009

Making dulce de leche. The very thought of making it is enough to send most people crying into a corner for fear of exploding cans and shards of metal and molten caramel everywhere. But one taste of the magical golden awesomeness and you’re hooked. And so one dreary afternoon i attempted to boil a can of condensed milk and punched holes on top so that it wouldnt explode. It didnt explode but water got into the holes which made my dulce de leche crystalise. So second attempt: peel off the label on the can, completely submerge cans in water, cover with lid and let em simmer away for 3 hours, topping up water if you need to. And ignore the rattling sounds (edit: Yas says to put a tea towel on the bottom to prevent the rattling)

And tadah! Mah tin of dulce de leche! Oh look at its sugary awesomeness! So golden! So beyootiful! edit: WARNING! Do NOT open the can straight away unless you want molten hot dulce de leche everywhere! Leave it to cool down for several hours yeah? trust me.

A spoon a day makes chocolatesuze so very happy…

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