Bacon baskets- Is DON Is Good

  6 December 2009

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A basket made of bacon. MADE OF BACON! And filled with DON meats. How could you NOT want it? It’s a carnivores dream!

Thanks to the people at Nuffnang and DON meat we are running a competition: “The DON’s ultimate gourmet creation”. All you have to do is purchase some DONs meat from your local supermarket and create “the ultimate DON gourmet creation.” The five most creative entries will receive a dining voucher to a top restaurant in your home town. These winners will be judged by DON from the entries received across all blogs involved in the competition. This competition is only open to Australian residents and will run until 9am on Monday 21 December with the winners announced on 23 December. You can enter here.

So. Here’s my step to step guide on my bacon basket which was inspired by not martha. First I covered a metal bowl in foil. I resisted the urge to put it on my head and pretend the foil hat will shield my brain from aliens reading my mind.

Then to make a bacon mat. Since I was using bacon rashers I cut some bits off to make into strips. Bacon shrinks so be sure to make a bigger mat than necessary to cover the bowl.

Carefully place bacon mat over bowl and secure with toothpicks. I put him in the oven for 40mins on 160C and my god the smell of bacon for 40mins will drive you crazy

Mmm crispy… Do not attempt to pull off bacon basket straight away! Let him cool down unless you want to burn yourself.

A little holey because my weaving skillz aren’t pro but that’s ok cos I won’t be filling with liquid or anything that can seep thru. Also I kept cooking until the bacon went crispy because a soggy bacon basket is sad and not so tasty.

First add some greenery. i chose rocket. I love rocket. Trust me you will need some green-y goodness.

And then fill with your fav Dons meats! I used slices of pepperoni salami, shaved english leg ham, cheese kranskys (zomg these were awesome!) and diced strasberg. Grate some cheese and you’re set!

This basket of meaty goodness will make you the star of the party! Think you have what it takes? C’mon bloggers get cracking and make your ultimate Dons gourmet creation and enter here!

The opinions, comments and recipes in this blog are the bloggers own and have not been supplied by Don Smallgoods

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