soft boiled eggs + kaya

  7 June 2010

The one thing i miss most about Malaysia is the soft boiled eggs + kaya toast. I managed to permanently borrow this soft boiled egg cooker from the parental units and it’s freaking awesome and makes perfect soft boiled eggs every time.

The best thing about this plastic contraption is there’s no cooking involved! No pot of water where you stir and stir! Just heat up so water in the kettle chuck your eggs into the cooker and pour the hot water up to the line depending on how many eggs you have. Whack on the lid and while you’re waiting for the water to drain out the bottom toast some bread.

The awesome Sook gave me a jar of kaya for my b’day made from her mothers secret recipe. (Kaya is a sweet spread made from coconut milk, eggs, sugar and pandan). Seriously the way to my heart is giving me food hehe I’ve never attempted making it but have watched it being made with constant stirring for over an hour- a jar of homemade kaya is worth its weight in gold!

Slice up some butter and spread the kaya super thick

Smoosh together and tadah awesomeness

When the eggs are done crack em into a bowl, add a dash of soy sauce and white pepper and away you go!

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