How to make a watermelon keg

  22 September 2010

Check it out! A watermelon keg! I first saw a how-to guide on the keg here and the idea of serving fruit juice from the fruit itself was too freaking awesome to pass up! Ready for a how-to guide on making your own watermelon keg? Here we go!

First you need a watermelon. Pick one that doesn’t have too many blemishes on the outside. Important: it’s best you make the watermelon keg either on the day of your party or the night before as once opened the watermelon goes a lil funky.

And you will need a tap. I scored this plastic tap with its bits and bobs from Bunnings for about $20. It took us a while to find this plastic one as I wasn’t too keen on sticking a metal tap into fruit. The important thing with the tap is that it needs the washer/adapter thing that needs to be screwed on inside the watermelon. More on that later but meanwhile wash the tap with soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Big props to Noods for helping me make my dream keg! Ok so now if your watermelon is a bit wobbly shave off a bit until it is stable and sits flat.

Cut the lid on your watermelon. Make sure the lid diameter is big enough to be able to stick your hand in.

Scrape off the pink watermelon flesh from the lid

And then go ahead and scoop away all the watermelon innards, occasionally pouring out the liquid into a bowl

Once all the watermelon has been scooped out, figure out where you want the tap to be placed

Carefully carve a small hole that is just under the size needed to fit in the tap. Start off small because once the hole is too big the tap will leak and there’s no going back! Once the tap fits, screw on the washer/adapter on the inside of the watermelon and make sure the tap is placed on an angle otherwise the liquid won’t flow properly.

To test for leaks fill the watermelon halfway with water

Woohoo happiness!

Strain the watermelon flesh. I got about 2x2L bottles of watermelon juice.

To serve I suggest combining equal parts of watermelon juice to something fizzy to something alcoholic 😀 I used watermelon juice + passionfruit soda + moscato on the first round and then juice + 7up + moscato on the 2nd round.

Woot success! Little tip if the watermelon isn’t feeling too stable wrap a tea towel around the base. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour heh heh

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