Super easy peanut butter chocolate slice

  20 December 2010

All together now oooOooOooooh! A tower of layers! So I’ve been having a super crazy week in the lead up to xmas (5 days to go!) and sometimes the only thing that helps to de-stress is whipping up something deliciously rich but with minimal amount of effort. Enter this super easy recipe which is a dark chocolate brownie base, a middle of smooth, creamy peanut butter and topped with sweet milk chocolate.

I had to make a brownie for a friend’s b’day and (as with all things baked) you should always double the recipe so that you can have your cake and eat it too! I used David Lebovitz’s brownie recipe minus the dulce de leche found here but feel free to use your fav brownie recipe or hey maybe try blitzing some biscuits and adding melted butter for an easy no bake recipe! You only need about 1/3 of the brownie mixture in the tray as you’ll be adding the peanut butter and chocolate layers.

So awesome I love a recipe with minimal amount of ingredients! You will need: 1 1/2 cups icing sugar, 2 cups peanut butter (I prefer smooth in this recipe, but I am totes a crunchy pb on toast kinda girl), 200g chocolate (either milk or dark)

Nuke your 2 cups peanut butter with the 1 1/2 cups of icing sugar until the mixture is melty and sugar has dissolved. The first time I made this I used 2 cups of icing sugar but found it was too sweet especially with milk chocolate as the top layer however if you’re using dark chocolate (or have a super sweet tooth) feel free to up the sugar to pb ratio.

Pour onto brownie and stick in the fridge for approx 15mins until set.

Melt the 200g chocolate. The safe way is to nuke it. I vote going the safe way next time as I managed to kill my chocolate when melting in a pot.

Leave the melted chocolate to cool for a bit before pouring onto the (set) peanut butter layer. If the chocolate is too hot it will melt a hole in your peanut butter layer. Leave to set in fridge for approx 1hour if you can wait that long!

Slice em up and check out the layers mmm layers

Deliciousness is a tower of stacked treats! Store in the fridge, if you are packing in a box make sure to put baking paper between slices or they’ll stick together.

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