Zen Q Desserts, Chatswood – Closed

  29 September 2011

Edit: CLOSED OH HAI! So like, in case you don’t stalk me on Facebook, a coupla days ago Richard and I found ourselves stumbling towards ZenQ (Shop 233, Chatswood Westfield- Entrance via Victoria Ave) in need of more sustenance after a crazy dinner where there was more wine than food. Now I tend to have issues with traditional Asian desserts thanks to my dislike of random textures but there was one thing I was dying to try…

Banana Chocolate Honey Toast ($16.80)! Eating bread as a dessert doesn’t weird me out because I’m used to eating ice cream sandwiches back in Singapore where slabs of icecream would be held together by rainbow bread. Teehee how crazy is the presentation? It’s like half a loaf of bread man! Awesome bread though, sweet and light and topped with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and woooot heaps of banana slices!

(Pic stolen from crunchy tiger) We were asked if we wanted our Honey Toast cut and we paused and said no because we had nfi but this is what it looks on the inside (this is the strawberry toast, duh)

Aaaaand this is what happens when you don’t know what you’re doing and stab away at the toast…

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