You Sunk My Battleship (with shots)

  22 February 2012

Muahahaha did you guys ever play the board game Battleship? Until the other day I hadn’t and played against the boy but um online lol and the gist is pretty simple- you arrange your ships on your 10×10 grid and then you take turns and try and guess where your opponent’s ships are. If a ship occupies the square on the grid that has been called then it takes a hit, when all of the squares of a ship have been hit then the ship is sunk. After all of one player’s ships have been sunk, the game ends and the other player wins.

I’m sure everyone’s seen the trailers for the movie Battleship and Noods was in charge of a drinking game for his mate’s bucks party so we set to work on recreating the game but with alcoholic beverages in the ships 😀

First the 10×10 grid.
And then with the folding of the boats we used this pattern tho I guess if you cbf folding the boats you could always just places the shots directly on grid but hey where’s the fun in that!

To make things interesting Noods was gonna use a combo of pre mixed shots (we got em at Choice Liquor), shots of vodka and shots of water so you couldn’t tell what you were getting haha

You sunk my battleship! Haha don’t forget to print off smaller versions of blank grids so you can mark where you’ve already hit/missed. And remember, drink in moderation!

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