Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Picnic 2012

  25 November 2012

ERMAHGERD! So like, I read a lot of food blogs. In particular, Sydney food blogs and after reading a blog so long I tend to think I kinda know who the writer is behind the blog. So every year Grab Your Fork and I organise a meet up of all Sydney food bloggers to put a face to the blog and every year the group just keeps on growing, at last count we reckon there’s more than 400 Sydney Food Bloggers!

This year we had a whopping 67 bloggers attend and where there’s bloggers there’s an epic amount of food!

We began with an empty cement ‘table’…

So. Much. Freaking. Awesome. Foods! Cakes, brownies, gingerbread, macarons, slices, cookies, popcorn, breads, tarts, noodles, croquettes, spring rolls, quiche, salads, sandwiches, fruit, pancakes, cheese oh em gee

Some pics of foods: Oh Ayana‘s super cute swiss roll with trademark santa strawberries!

(Photo from Cooking Crusade) of Muppy‘s Rhubarb Curd Meringue Tarts.

(Pic from The Home Food Cook) how cute are these Thanksgiving Oreo Turkeys from Gucci and Gyoza!

And for the over 18’s… drinks!

Simon Food Favourites pop up bar was a smash hit mmm alcohol the social lubricant of the shy..

Lols (pic from Simon Food Favourites) of my rainbow nails 😀

Oh hai!

And hai!

Pile o pressies for our ‘evil’ secret santa game teehee



Group photo! (Thanks Simon!)

Aaand a roundup of everyone who came, thank you everyone for being awesome and thanks for all the delicious food! (If I missed anyone please let me know!)
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