Giant Snack Food Stadium

  31 January 2013

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Noods is borderline fanatical about his new soccer team the Western Sydney Wanderers FC (WHO DO WE SING FOR?) and usually he and the boys will go and watch the game if it’s in Parramatta and then grab a bite to eat afterwards.

The Super Bowl in America is coming up soon and a few of my fav U.S food blogs are posting awesome snacks they’re preparing for the game and a quick Google search led us to the idea of a snack food stadium! There’s just something about building a ridiculously large structure using food and then sharing the craziness of it with your best mates. So with a Wanderers game set for the Australia Day weekend we decided to build a stadium of food and as luck would seem I was invited to try out the ING DIRECT Wave & Save promotion and it sure came at a great time lol

First, getting ready our junk food needs. The time I’d get home from work is usually around the time that most supermarkets start to close so I hit Coles, Woolworths, IGA and Harris Farm for snacks.

Ready to build? Step 1, enlist a minion who fancies himself a builder using foam art boards and cardboard boxes lying around the house.

Step 2, make sure structure is relatively stable to hold weight of snacks.

It took Noods about a week of slowly designing the stadium and a lot of trial and error pieces but here we go! All taped up! We also lined the insides with cling wrap and the top deck and hot food section were covered with foil.

Step 3, slowly fill up your stadium and arrange order of snack foods. I went the sweet and savoury side route and colour co-ordinated my foods.

Of course it’s always good to make sure your structure is sturdy otherwise you turn away for one second and the sounds of Jaffas falling everywhere will make your heart skip a beat! Nuuuuu Jaffas EVERYWHERE!

AAAAAAND TADAH!!!!!! One sexy food stadium ready and waiting for all your pre game needs with the Red and Black Bloc supporters!

My ‘healthy’ side of the stadium starting with the lower decks: smoked trout dip, carrot and cucumber sticks, good ol 80’s cubed cheese, twiggy sticks, a wheel of double brie, crackers, olives, Kettle Chilli Chips, Cheezels, corn chips & salsa aaaand pork crackles. Top deck had babaganouj, pistachio & blue cheese dip, shaved honey ham and prosciutto.

Other side of the stadium contained our hot food section with mini pies, sausage rolls and potato gems tee hee it’s been too long since I’ve had potato gems! The stands were filled with mini Oreo’s, Tiny Teddies, rainbow popcorn, Pods, Cheese and Bacon Balls, Chicken Twisties, pretzels and the top stand was layered with pepperoni and slices of Jarlsberg cheese.

Fields of green! Originally we were going to use guacamole for the grass but we were worried it would discolour so I whipped up a kilo of buttercream with a crapload of green colouring. Looking back we should have used gummy men for the players but eh. Wafers line the stadium as ‘advertising’, held to the sides with toothpicks.

Enough with the photos! ATTTTTAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCK!

With no end in sight we chuck the perishables in the fridge and glad wrap the whole shebang while we take a break for a poker game or two.

Breaking down the stadium we pack the leftovers into party bags to take to work. It will probably last us for the next month or so. Diabetes here we come!

Aaaand I leave you guys with a less junk food overloaded photo. We had leftover funds on the card so one last trip for groceries for the animals at the RSPCA Yagoona shelter of fruit and veg for the bunnies, dog food, kitty litter, treats and toys.

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  1. nelson says:

    Beautiful, Where can I find planes or molds to make one?

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