Mjolner, Redfern

  26 June 2017

Mjolner, Redfern
“So there’s this place which is viking themed and you drink beer out of a horn.” Um hell yeah! That’s literally all it took to convince Noods, Kiren and Syl to visit Mjolner (mythical name of Thor’s hammer) in Redfern.

Meat cabinet at Mjolner, Redfern
We descend down the stairs and make our way through the dark, cavernous rooms, past the wall of meat ageing in the locker.

Mead at Mjolner, Redfern
We’re welcomed with a traditional Viking toast, a complimentary serving of house made mead. It’s smooth, fruity and sweet and so delicious I immediately order another shot of it.

The boys want to drink their beer in horns so a round of bottled beers are ordered before our waiter arrives to explain the technique of drinking out of the horn (sideways just fyi lol)

Bone Marrow at Mjolner, Redfern
We start off with this must order- Roasted Bone Marrow ($20) with meat powder and watercress. We scoopsies the quivering, gelatinous globules and pile onto the warm bread. We unanimously agree that it was a good thing we didn’t have to share!

Octopus at Mjolner, Redfern
Then there’s the tender and delicious smoky Charred Octopus Tenticles ($20) with curls of kholrabi and a puddle of squid ink sauce.

Whole snapper at Mjolner, Redfern
The Whole Snapper ($35) is a beauty, the fish is plump and flakes easily away. The flavours are fresh and clean and I feel incredibly virtuous haha #cleaneating

Beef Short Rib at Mjolner, Redfern
The Short Rib ($45) with celtuce and juniper is bloody impressive and is my fave of the night. It’s super tender with a good amount of fat ribboned throughout so it just melts in your mouth.

Pork Loin at Mjolner, Redfern
The special of the night was the Pork Loin ($60) which was just so beautifully presented. I mean look at them fat slices of juicy pork, each crowned with glorious crackling! Definitely value for money!

Cauliflower at Mjolner, Redfern
On the vegetable front we go for the Cauliflower ($18) which was roasted and doused in the most incredible burnt butter sauce. Seriously, bathe me in that sauce please!

Beans at Mjolner, Redfern
We also added some sides of Pan roasted green beans ($14) with hazelnut sherry and garlic.

Carrots at Mjolner, Redfern
And Roasted carrots ($12) with carraway and yoghurt dressing. I was a bit disappointed by the portions of the vegetables at those prices. They were all delicious but I guess I was expecting whole baby carrots so when this bowl came out I was like, did someone give us a half eaten bowl?

Mascarpone parfait at Mjolner, Redfern
For dessert we shared the Mascarpone parfait ($15) with macadamia, charred lemon and plum sauce which was deliciously creamy and had the perfect balance of sweetness.

Cheese platter at Mjolner, Redfern
And the Cheese selection ($35) because, cheese. Unfortch by then it was getting late and we were being urged to finish up our meal so I never did get to find out what the cheeses were other than ‘hard, soft and a blue’. Side note: look! Babeh carrots!

While the food was incredible, the service can be a bit hit and miss which is a shame. On a round of beers we’d ordered, they didn’t bother telling us they were actually out, and instead just served us a different beer from their list (Nice varied boutique list tho btw). For the next round, wanting to try their other beers, and not being a big fan of our previous choice, we unknowingly ordered the same beer that was given to us. Wondering why it tasted the same, we queried this, but was told they had actually run out of our previous order, and refused to swap out the beer or cancel it from our bill even though we didn’t drink it, putting a damper on such a great night. Ah wells.

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6 thoughts on “Mjolner, Redfern”
  1. nat says:

    I am intrigued because of mead! Kept reading about it in American Gods and wanted to give it a try. Although substituting a beer with another is just not on. How rude….

  2. Agreed about the service, I’ve been twice and it was patchy at best. We didn’t get our ‘Skal’ our first visit and we weren’t offered bread either visit despite other tables being given bread a table over! JIPPED!!! Food was so so too, there’s nothing that would really draw me back there BUT THE MEAD!!!!

  3. Jason King says:

    We had fantastic service but I did tell them I was a blogger and asked permission to take photographs. We didn’t get bread but we got our drink on arrival.
    I took my parents for mine and the stepdads birthday and we feasted. Food and drink was perfect. I was just pissed I shared the bone marrow – wanted it all to myself!!

  4. Ramen Raff says:

    I freakin live this place! The mead, short rib, marrow, cauliflower! Just wow

  5. “The boys want to drink their beer in horns”. Hahaha…. shame about the chequered service but the moodiness of the place looks about right. lol.

  6. This place sounds like fun, I also want to drink beer in horns haha! Shame about the beer hiccup though

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