Sizzler Toast (Super Easy)

  20 January 2019

Sizzler Toast
I have extremely detailed memories of eating with my family growing up. Summers of eating KFC in the sweltering heat, dunking each scrap of chicken skin into the gravy and clutching steaming hot corn cobs. Weekends at Istana, freezing in their arctic restaurant, shovelling down piping hot plates of hokkien mee or Hainanese chicken rice. School arvo’s were spent at the corner store staring hopefully at the jars of 2c lollies but inevitably getting a bundle of hot chips showered with chicken salt and wrapped in butchers paper to share with my brother.

But one of my favourite memories was during school holidays and we’d trek to the Sizzlers for the all you can eat buffet and I’d get the cheapest meal possible just so I would have access to the baskets of cheese toast. Never mind the dessert bar with the allure of building a giant soft serve sundae topped with all the sprinkles, nope, it was those golden triangles of happiness that seared it’s way into my heart.

Sizzler toast ingredients
250g parmesan cheese (I happened to be at Costco and the grana padano cheese was on special)
250g salted butter, room temperature (do NOT use spreadable butter as this is way too oily and the cheese crust will melt)
White bread (about half a loaf)

Making Sizzler Toast
Step 1. In a food processor dump in your parmesan and butter and blitz until smooth.

Making Sizzler Toast
See? Smoooooth.

Making Sizzler Toast
Step 2. Slather about a tablespoon worth of mixture onto your bread and spread evenly on one side only.

Making Sizzler Toast
Layer a square of baking/parchment paper in between each slice or they will stick together.

Making Sizzler Toast
Step 3. Important: FREEZE! If you skip this step the mixture won’t stick to the bread and will melt when you go to fry it!

Frying Sizzler Toast
Step 4. Heat a frying pan to medium heat and place the toast with cheesy butter side down into the pan.

Frying Sizzler Toast
Step 5. Cook until the bread on the top side is defrosted (about 2-3 mins) and check to see if the cheesy side is golden brown. Be warned a lot of oil will ooze out and you will question your life choices. Also if you lift the bread too soon there’s a chance your cheese mixture will slide off.

Sizzler Toast
Step 6. Cut into triangles and immediately serve and reminisce about the good ol days.

3 thoughts on “Sizzler Toast (Super Easy)”
  1. Ramen Raff says:

    The best!! Worth breaking my 16 hr fast for!!haha

  2. Kiu says:

    buy a whole loaf of white and cut thicker slices. then it’s proper sizzler bread. 😉

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