Lotus, Potts Point

  27 October 2019

Dan Hong cheeseburger at Lotus, Potts Point
It’s baaaaaaack! Almost a decade ago Lotus won my heart with the best damn cheeseburger I’d ever eaten in my life. When The Fish Shop took over the premises I was pretty devastated but like a Christmas miracle Lotus has returned with a 1 year pop up in the same Potts Point location and yes the cheeseburger is on the menu!

Anchovies and shallot pancakes at Lotus, Potts Point
The boys and I had been day drinking and managed to arrive at Lotus right as they opened and scored the last unbooked table in the restaurant. Kitchen sent out comped ‘Nardin’ smoked anchovies, chilli, cultured cream and scallion bread ($24) which were awesome, the scallion bread was fluffy and perfect for slathering on the smooth cream and topping with a salty anchovy.

Scarlet prawns and noodles at Lotus, Potts Point
Not gonna lie, I knew as soon as I saw the Scarlet prawns, handmade noodles, xo and coriander ($39) on the menu that I’d be visiting quick smart before the prawn season ends! For $39 this is pretty great value with 3 giant scarlet prawns which had hella sweet flesh and I squished out the super intense prawn head juice onto the noodles.

Scarlet prawns and noodles at Lotus, Potts Point
These noodles though! Perfect bounce and chew and just so good to soak up the prawn juice.

Dan Hong cheeseburger at Lotus, Potts Point
The Lotus cheeseburger ($21) can also be ordered at the bar that’s hidden out back towards the kitchen, it’s also the same price and comes with fries but if you’re at the restaurant a side of fries will set you back $10. The cheeseburger is still awesome, even after years of Sydney being flooded by a crapton of burger joints. According to BS the new pattie ‘uses coal-smoked brisket and dry-aged beef fat’ and the old burger buns have been swapped out for Martin’s potato rolls. Whatever the changes, I would totally eat this burg again.

Steak at Lotus, Potts Point
There’s a 200g wagyu denver steak ($48) on the menu but we decide to go for the blackboard special of the Copper Tree Farm 400g dry aged striploin on the bone ($48). Holy crap this steak was so damn tasty, perfectly cooked to a medium rare so that the nubbly edges of fat were all nicely caramelised. The red wine sauce was so flavourful, I wanted to bathe in it but settled for drowning each delicious piece in it. Also special mention to the incredibly juicy mushrooms oh boy <3

Icecream sundae at Lotus, Potts Point
The Hot fudge sundae ($14) feels like a guilty childhood pleasure, creamy vanilla ice cream with shards of honeycomb, crunchy peanuts and juicy raspberries and a pot of hot fudge ready to smother everything to your heart’s content.

22 Challis Avenue,
Potts Point

Opening hours:
Tues – Sat: 4pm – midnight
Sun: 1pm – 9pm

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  1. Ramen Raff says:

    Need to try this version of the cheeseburger!

  2. ‘Day drinking’!!!!!! Oh Suze!!!! Hahaha. I never had the LOTUS cheeseburger. Might have to rectify that ASAPLE! The scarlet prawns and noods look incredible!

  3. Ooh good cheeseburger tip! [takes note]

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