Yang’s Food Truck, Sydney

  28 June 2015


After months of honing his menu, Alex Wong aka cheflx has set the Sydney food truck scene on fire with Yang’s Food Truck which will satisfy all your Malaysian food cravings. The truck moves around quite a bit but we managed to catch it while they were parked on the King St end of the Pitt St Mall last week.

The calm before the storm…

Everything on the menu is under $10 (except for when Lex decides to do random dishes like the epic Emperor Nasi Goreng with Tasmanian Black Perigord truffles) so with this in mind, Helen and I decided to order 1 of everything from the menu because that’s how we roll. Or because we were hungry.

I’ve eaten the Soft Shell Crab in Chilli Sauce with Mantou ($9) on a previous visit and it was just as glorious as I remembered. The soft shell crab was piping hot from its fresh baptism in oil, the deep fried mantou bread had a crisp outer layer and wondrously soft and fluffy innards that was perfect for dunking into the rich chilli sauce. I could easily eat 2 of these, it is seriously an absolute bargain.

The Roti Chicken with Sweet Potato ($7) is pretty filling, there’s a generous amount of curry chicken, cubes of tender sweet potato and a smattering of coriander, cucumber and tomato pieces to cut through the richness. The roti itself isn’t as fluffy as the ones at Mamak (though what is?) but it holds its shape well when the whole shebang is picked up.

The Ramli Beef Slider ($5) isn’t quite like the Ramly burgers I remember from Malaysia where the egg holds the patty and toppings in a pocket but hey beggars can’t be choosers and Yang’s is a pretty good substitute though just a tad on the sweet side. The patty is juicy, there’s an oozy fried egg, chopped cabbage and of course Hp and chilli sauce all held together on a toasted milk bun.

The One Spoon Chicken Laksa ($7) is great if you’re on the run, the chicken pieces are all bite sized and the noodles have been cut into shorter strands to make for easier slurpage. The laksa is pretty heavy on the curry and not so much the coconut cream and just be warned if you leave your noodles sitting too long they will absorb all the liquid.

The Nasi Lemak ($6) is a lighter option, the coconut rice is fragrant and ticks all the requisites of a standard nasi lemak with a pile of crispy ikan bilis (aka dried anchovies), peanuts, hard boiled egg, diced cucumber and a dollop of sambal on top.

Maggi Goreng ($7) tastes just like the ones at pasar malam market stalls, the Maggi noodles are boiled then stir fried with dark soy sauce, bean sprouts and there’s a bonus fried egg and choy sum to help with my vegetable intake.

Sadly the Hainan Chicken Rice isn’t available for dinner and instead there’s the Hainan Hot Wings ($5) which are tasty enough and more than makes up for the disappointment of no chicken rice. The mix of wings and drummettes are coated in a light batter so the flesh is still tender and comes with an irresistible chilli and ginger sauce.

To find Yang’s Food Truck, check the Food Truck app or follow them on Instagram in case their schedule changes!

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